Front Entry House Design - Enhancing Curb Appeal

Sep 27, 2023


Welcome to this comprehensive guide on front entry house design. At Mark Scott Associates, we understand the importance of creating an inviting and beautiful front entry. Curb appeal plays a crucial role in leaving a lasting impression on visitors and potential buyers. In this article, we will explore various aspects of front entry design, providing you with insights, tips, and inspiration to enhance the curb appeal of your property.

The Role of an Inviting Front Entry

A well-designed front entry not only adds visual appeal to your home but also creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests. It sets the tone for what lies beyond the front door and can significantly impact the overall perception of your property. Investing time and effort into front entry house design can yield numerous benefits, from increased property value to improved marketability.

Factors to Consider in Front Entry House Design

When designing your front entry, it is vital to consider various factors to achieve a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look. Let's explore some key elements:

1. Architectural Style

The architectural style of your home should guide the design choices for your front entry. Whether your property boasts a contemporary, Victorian, or rustic architectural style, aligning the front entry design with the overall theme creates a harmonious and visually appealing outcome. From the front door style to the materials used, each element should complement the existing architectural features.

2. Front Door Selection

The front door serves as the focal point of your entryway and needs careful consideration. Opt for a door style that complements the architectural style while reflecting your personal taste. Popular choices include solid wood doors for a traditional feel, sleek glass doors for a modern touch, or ornately carved doors for a touch of elegance. Remember to consider durability, security, and energy-efficiency when selecting your front door.

3. Lighting and Landscaping

Proper lighting and landscaping play a vital role in accentuating your front entry. Outdoor lighting fixtures not only enhance the aesthetics but also provide safety and security. Consider installing pathway lights, wall sconces, and accent lights to highlight architectural features and guide visitors. Well-maintained landscaping, with neatly trimmed hedges, vibrant flowers, and strategically placed plants, adds a touch of lushness and charm to your front entry.

4. Color Palette

The color palette you choose for your front entry can significantly impact its overall appeal. Opt for colors that complement your home's exterior and create a welcoming atmosphere. Consider using a contrasting color for your front door to make it stand out and draw attention. Don't be afraid to experiment with different shades and tones to find the perfect color combination that suits your style and complements your surroundings.

5. Focal Points and Accents

Integrating focal points and accents into your front entry design adds personality and character. Consider adding features such as decorative address plaques, stylish house numbers, or eye-catching planters. By carefully selecting and placing these elements, you can create a visually appealing and unique front entry that showcases your personal style.


Enhancing the curb appeal of your property through front entry house design is a worthwhile endeavor. By considering architectural style, front door selection, lighting and landscaping, color palette, and focal points, you can create a front entry that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

At Mark Scott Associates, we are experienced in providing top-notch design services to enhance the curb appeal of your property. Contact us today to transform your front entry into a stunning focal point that truly sets your home apart.

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